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Andhra Pradesh

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Research  >>  Ecological Research & Monitoring Laboratories
Ecological Research & Monitoring Laboratories

Ecological Research & Monitoring Laboratories, located at the head quarters of the Project Tiger has been doing research in biodiversity, wildlife, plants for about a decade. Some of the achievements of the ERML are:

  • Conduction of All Taxa Biodiversity inventory (ATBI) surveys (Season, habitat, beat and species wise) in NSTR, GBM & Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuaries.
  • Digital Photo documentation of faunal & floral wealth of Nallamalais.
  • Preparation of Species level exhaustive check list of fauna & flora.
  • Discovery of new species and new reports of the species from Nallamalais,
  • Establishing Zoological museum of Nallamalai faunal species

    Inventory of over 80 species of mammals, 303 species of birds, 85 species of reptiles, 22 amphibians, 55 fishes, 102 species of butterflies, 57 species of moths, 45 species of coleopteran, 30 species of Odonata and numerous other forms of insect.

  • Research inventories discovered 10 Herpatofauna, 18 mantids, 12 arachnids as new reports to Andhra Pradesh. Three new species of Arachnids discovered in this tiger reserve. Some are very rare and important species of arachnids like Emperor Scorpion, Tarantula spider, Whip scorpion and Whip spider are found in this reserve. These include three new species of arachnids:

    1. Whip scorpion (Phrynichus andhraensis sp. nov.),
    2. Tarantula spider (Poecilotheria nallamalaiensis sp. nov.)
    3. Tommy spider (Tmarus srisailamensis sp. nov.).

  • Inventory of 1546 floral species including Shrubs, Herbs, Trees and Medicinal plants
  • Conducted several training sessions and workshops that aimed at motivating the staff, NGOs, Villagers, Ecodevelopment committee members and other stake holders.
  • Many scientific, socio-environmental issues were published in national and international journals. Most findings have direct bearing on husbandry, management, both in-situ and ex-situ conservation of wildlife.
  • Monitoring of Tigers and other Wild Animals through

    a) Evolving Tiger monitoring methodology.
    b) Motivation and Trainings to the field staff.
    c) Maintaining Tiger monitoring registers at beat level.
    d) Preservation of Tiger pug marks for further analysis.
    e) Documenting daily Tiger monitoring details (Division, Range and Beat wise).
    f) Digital photography of pugmarks / plaster casts.
    g) Digitization of tiger pug marks / plaster casts to the scale.
    h) Analysis of Tiger Pugmarks (Plaster casts) from last five years.

  • The project on Operation Khachua has been taken up using GIS based scientific protocol of monitoring of rehabilitated Star tortoises in the wild. A total of 480 Indian Star Tortoises were released in this tiger reserve. About 320 Tortoises were released in Puli-Cheruvu locality on 28.01.2004 and on 13.12.2005. About 160 tortoises released in Naramamidi Cheruvu on 16.12.2004. Prior to release, all individuals were physically marked by marginal scale clippings. One third of the star tortoises that were released implanted with passive transponder chips (Trovan Model - ID 100). The transponder chips were implanted at the base of the hind limbs using a Trovan passive transponder injector. Post release monitoring has been taken up for study of long term adaptation and protection measures.
  • Population monitoring of GIB at Rollapadu wildlife Sanctuary,carrying a detailed study on breeding biology of GIB and documentation and generating concepts for conservation of GIB & its habitat.
  • Establishment of Molecular Biology Laboratory in Biodiversity Laboratory
    To estimate the minimum number of individual Tigers in NSTR through the DNA analysis by collecting the scat in the field. Molecular Biology Laboratory is furnished with some of the equipments . Two research personnel from this laboratory had been trained in DNA analysis (DNA isolation, Purification and Gene Sequencing) in Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad.
  • Equipments in the Molecular Biology Laboratory

    1) Refrigerated centrifuge
    2) Laminar airflow chamber
    3) PCR (polymerase chain reaction)
    4) Deep Freezer
    5) Spectrophotometer
    6) Trans-illuminator
    7) Gel Electrophoresis

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