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Andhra Pradesh

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NagarjunaSagar Srisailam Tiger Reserve

Mystifying landscape of lofty hills and cavernous valleys, perennial rivers, exciting winding roads that have thick forested topography on one side and deep and vast valleys on the other, different hues to mark the seasons, inhabiting this mesmerizing forested landscape is the most charismatic cat of the world –Tiger. This is Nagarjunasagar Srisailam Tiger Reserve for you -- a true wild paradise.

Nagarjunasagar Srisailam Tiger Reserve, the largest Tiger Reserve of India. It spreads over an area of 3728 Sq.Km. It consists of a core area of 1251 Sq.Km, a buffer area of 1283 Sq.Km as follows.

S.No. Zone Area in Km2
1 Inviolate/Critical Tiger Habitat Zone-1(Notified) 1250.46
2 Gundla Brahmeswaram as extended core to NSTR 1193.68
A Total inviolate area 2444.14
3 Peripheral Zone(within the sanctuary) 552.87
4 Buffer Zone NSTR (Outside the Sanctuary within the R.F) 730.49
5 Total Buffer Area 1283.36
B Grand Total 3727.82

Situated in the Nallamalais - an offshoot of Southern Eastern Ghats of A.P., NSTR is decorated with mosaic of Geo-Morphological, floristic and variety of faunal species. Most of this reserve is hilly terrain with plateaus, ridges, gorges and deep Valleys which support tropical mixed dry deciduous forests with an under growth of bamboo and grass. The census taken in 1979 revealed the existence of 40 tigers in this area. Fascinated by the population of Tiger and its suitable habitat, he Govt. of India has brought this sanctuary under the folds of Project Tiger.

India’s largest Project Tiger Reserve lies in two biotic provinces of bio geographic Zone-VI of the Deccan peninsula 6 D & 6 E.

River Krishna forms northern most boundary of the Tiger Reserve.

The nomadic, shy, food gathering and hunting primitive tribe "Chenchus" of these hill ranges live in groups called gudems amidst forests of this sanctuary.

The project tiger and the adjoining forest areas have been constituted as project tiger circle, which is headed by Conservator of Forest of Project Tiger Circle. The Conservator of Forests, Project Tiger Circle is also the Field Director of NSTR.

The circle consists of 2 wildlife / territorial divisions i.e., Atmakur WLM Division and Markapur WLM Division. In addition there are two functional divisions i.e., Flying Squad Division, Atmakur and Bio-diversity Research Division at Srisailam.

The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA):-

The National Tiger Conservation Authority was established in December 2005 following a recommendation of the Tiger Task Force, constituted by the Prime Minister of India for reorganized management of Tiger Reserves in India.

The functions and powers of the Authority, inter alia include: -
  • Approval of Tiger Conservation Plan prepared by States,
  • Laying down normative standards for tiger conservation,
  • Providing information on several aspects which include protection, tiger estimation, patrolling, etc.
  • Ensuring measures for addressing man-wild animal conflicts and fostering co-existence with local people,
  • Preparing annual report for laying before Parliament,
  • Establishing the tiger conservation foundation by States for supporting their development.

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