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Andhra Pradesh

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  • Pristine wilderness of this tiger reserve is under severe threat, mainly because of habitat destruction, Illegal human activities like encroachment, poaching and cattle grazing. These endanger the long term survival of the forests and its wild denizens. Similarly, there is immense pressure from large number of villages in the neighbourhood and their high level of dependency on the tiger habitat.
  • Rapid developmental activities are jeopardising the very survival of wild flora and fauna of the region. The northern part of Nallamala hills is greatly been affected by human induced pressures.
  • Crop damage by wild animals and cattle lifting by predators are the main reason of conflict between the reserve and the people. Though compensation is paid to villagers, still there are chances of retaliatory actions.
  • Death and injuries to human beings is not common. Attacks on human by wild animals are mostly, not intentional, though accident happens and sometime people get injured by sloth bears and leopards.
  • Fishing activity is a main concern in the back waters of the multipurpose dams which are constructed across the River Krishna at Srisailam and Nagarjunasagar forming large reservoirs within the boundaries of the Tiger Reserve.
  • NSTR being a center for resource for various stakeholder departments, especially hydro- electric and Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA), migrated fishing community, and other excessive resource users, there is every possibility for conflicts between the conservation interests, individual interests/the non-compatible developments.
  • Since this circle spreads over three districts and not being a unit for transfers and postings (due to zonal system), it has been a perpetual problem to draw various cadres of capable staff to work in the project.

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